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Technical preview

Technical preview function is in a state that it can be tried. The development is complete, there is documentation and there are samples, tutorials and hands-on labs as appropriate.

The community is looking for feedback on the function before declaring it stable. This feedback may result in changes to the external interfaces.

Data Engine Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS)

The Data Engine OMAS provides APIs and events for data movement/processing engines to record the changes made to the data landscape.

It provides the ability to register the data engine itself along with the lineage details of the ETL transformations. Data Engine OMAS APIs offer support for creating the corresponding open metadata types for assets and jobs.

Using te Data Engine Java Client

The Data Engine OMAS client interface supports the creation, update and delete of metadata entities and relationships. More details about using the client and the implementations available can be found here

Using the Data Engine OMAS REST API

Below is the list of endpoints supported by Data Engine OMAS. Typically, the first action to take for an external tool is to register as an engine.

External Tool registration

External Tool lookup

Create Schema Type

Create Port Implementation with schema type

Create Process, with corresponding Port Implementations and Schema Types

Add data flows to processes

Delete Schema Type

Delete Port Implementation

Delete Process

Create Database

Create Database Schema

Create Relational Tables

Create Data Files

Delete Database

Delete Database Schema

Delete Relational Tables

Delete Data Files

Delete Connections

Delete Endpoint

Create Topic

Create EventType

Delete Topic

Delete EventType

Find an entity

Sample use case

Initial load use case illustrates the integration between Data Engine OMAS and IBM's DataStage ETL tool.

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