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In development

A component that is in development means that the Egeria community is still building the function. The code is added continuously in small pieces to help the review and socialization process. It may not run, or do something useful - it only promises not to break other function. Expect to find git issues describing the end state.

Stewardship Action Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS)

The Stewardship Action OMAS provides APIs and events for tools and applications focused on resolving issues detected in the data landscape that need a human steward to resolve.

It works in partnership with the governance engines running in engine host servers to execute functions that detect, report on and implement the resolution of issues. These functions are called governance actions.

For example, when a change is detected in an Asset metadata entity, the governance engine may run a governance action associated with that asset. These could be:

  • detect and emit an event if a new asset is created without an owner.
  • create an entry in a maintenance NoteLog to record each change to the Asset.

Some actions require judgement and this is where the human steward comes in. The triage governance action creates a to do. This is picked up by the Stewardship Action OMAS that generates an event on its OutTopic. This may be received by an external human task manager or the Stewardship Integrator OMIS to push to the human task manager. The Stewardship Action OMAS provides APIs to perform the requested action and manage the to do through its lifecycle.

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