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Polly Tasker - IT Project Leader


Age: 36

Skills: Project Manager.

Scope: IT project.


  • Polly Tasker is a Project Manager.
  • She leads a small team of developers working on enhancements to the company‚Äôs IT systems. Much of this work involves adding a new system and then integrating it with the existing systems.


  • Polly often feels a sense of anxiety around creating new system integrations. It seems a very hit and miss process to send data between systems that can result in data corruption and performance issues.


  • How much her team struggles with basic aspects of integration such as knowing where data is, the best way to access it, when and where values are returned, and the expected quality of the data.
  • Proposals for new data services that are beyond her team's capability and capacity to deliver.


  • Polly focuses on planning and tracking changes to the IT systems to ensure the work of her team is seen as providing positive improvements rather than a source of system failures.


  • Complexity in the integration space with different tools, terminology, technology and philosophy.
  • Security is different in each systems and data is silo-ed and inconsistent.

Top challenges:

  • Managing projects where so much of the work can not be estimated until the work is underway and some level of experimentation has been attempted.

Desired Outcome:

  • Better ways to plan for new integration projects.

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