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This component is complete and can be used. The interfaces will be supported until the function is removed from the project via the deprecation process. There will be ongoing extensions to this function, but it will be done to ensure backward compatibility as far as possible. If there is a need to break backward compatibility, this will be discussed and reviewed in the community, with a documented timeline.

JanusGraph Repository

Connector summary

The Graph Repository provides a local repository for a Metadata Access Store that uses JanusGraph as its persistence store.


To configure a Metadata Access Store to use the Graph Repository, set the repository-mode to 'local-graph-repository'. For example:

POST {platformURLRoot}/open-metadata/admin-services/users/{userName}/servers/{serverName}/local-repository/mode/local-graph-repository

Replace the {serverURLRoot}, {userName} and {serverName} with the values appropriate for the server you are configuring.

The request body is optional and set to a map of property names to property values that specify the storage properties that JanusGraph is to use. If the storage properties are null, the following properties are used:

Property name Property value
storage.backend berkeleyje ./data/servers/{serverName}/repository/graph/berkeley lucene ./data/servers/{serverName}/repository/graph/searchindex

This stores the graph store in a file called ./data/servers/{serverName}/repository/graph/berkeley where the server name is inserted into {serverName}. The search index is stored in Apache Lucene.

Details of the other supported storage backends and how to specify them are found in the JanusGraph documentation.

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