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Defining valid values for your open metadata

The open metadata types include properties that are string values. These string values give you freedom and flexibility to add the values you want. However, arbitrary strings can make automation hard and you may want to set up some more formal definitions of the values that should be used.

Consider the ProjectCharter entity type shown below. In addition to the qualifiedName and additionalProperties properties inherited from Referenceable, this type adds in three new properties:

  • mission
  • projectType
  • purposes

ProjectCharter type

The mission property is likely to be free-form text laying out the reasons and aspirations behind the project. However, the projectType and the purposes may be used by automated processes - or may trigger people to perform certain tasks. Having free-form text may lead to errors and misunderstandings. Therefore, Egeria supports the ability to set up lists of valid values for particular properties in open metadata.

Part of the planning process is to consider which properties should have restricted values and which can be free-form text since setting these up early avoids reworking the metadata values later.

Specialized valid metadata values

Some properties have special types for maintaining valid value lists.

Creating your own valid value sets for open metadata

For other metadata properties it is possible to set up valid metadata sets. These list the values that are expected in a particular property and provide validation checks.

The support for this capability is through the OpenMetadataClient available on most Open Metadata Access Services (OMASs)