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This component is complete and can be used. The interfaces will be supported until the function is removed from the project via the deprecation process. There will be ongoing extensions to this function, but it will be done to ensure backward compatibility as far as possible. If there is a need to break backward compatibility, this will be discussed and reviewed in the community, with a documented timeline.

OCF Metadata Management

OCF metadata management provides common services for Open Metadata Access Services (OMASs) that are supporting Open Connector Framework (OCF) connectors to digital resources. These resources are catalogued in open metadata as Assets.

Client-side support for connectors

OCF metadata management provides a common base class for OMAS clients that supports the retrieval of Connection objects from the open metadata repositories and the creation of OCF connector instances. It is used by:

Connected Asset Services

An OCF connector supports a method called getConnectedAssetProperties. It is intended to return metadata about its resource. By default this method returns null because it needs to be configured with the location of the metadata repositor(y/ies) it is to call. If the connector is created by one of the OMAS clients listed above, this method is configured to retrieve metadata from the same open metadata repository as the OMAS. This metadata includes details of the structure, origin, meaning and governance requirements associated with the resource.

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