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0405 Governance Drivers

Governance drivers define the motivations behind the governance program. Often they show both the business opportunities and the constraints that must guide the organization's activity.



The GovernanceDriver entity is the common super type for the governance drivers.


The GovernanceStrategy entity defines the strategy used in the development of the governance domain's activities. It defines how the governance domain supports the business strategy.


The BusinessImperative entity defines a business goal that is critical to the success of the organization.


The Regulation entity defines a relevant legal regulation that the business operation must comply with. Often regulations are divided in regulation articles.


A RegulationArticle entity is an article in a regulation. Dividing the regulation into articles can help in planning to comply and reporting on the effectiveness of the associated activities.


The Threat entity describes a particular threat to the organization's operations that must either be guarded against or some for of mitigation must be in place to reduce its impact.

The GovernanceDriverLink relationship is used to link related governance drivers together. THe description described the relationship.

  • Governance Drivers are types of GovernanceDefinitions which are located in model 0401.

  • The Governance Program OMAS provides support for defining governance drivers through its GovernanceDriversInterface.

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