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In development

A component that is in development means that the Egeria community is still building the function. The code is added continuously in small pieces to help the review and socialization process. It may not run, or do something useful - it only promises not to break other function. Expect to find git issues describing the end state.

Collection Manager OMVS

The Collection Manager Open Metadata View Services (OMVS) is a REST API designed to back user interfaces (UIs) that support the maintenance and browsing of hierarchies of collections and their members.

Collections are used to organize elements. Elements (including other collections) are linked to a collection to show that they are a member of the collection. An element can be a member of none, one or multiple collections.

There are different types of collections:

  • Collection Hierarchy - A collection hierarchy is the root node of a hierarchy of collections. Its members are typically other collections.
  • Folder - a collection folder is a collection that is part of a collection hierarchy structure. It may have members that are collections and/or other types of collections.
  • Digital Product - A digital product is a collection of assets that have been especially crafted to support a specific use case (or related use cases). The assets may represent different versions of the product or customized versions of the same data for different purposed, or supporting different non-functional requirements.

The Collection Manager OMVS supports:

  • The creation and maintenance of the properties associated with a collection. New collections can be created using another collection as a template.
  • The management of the members of a collection.
  • The attachment of a collection as a resource of an entity such as a project, community or user's profile.
  • The ability to mark a collection as a template and search for the template collections in the open metadata ecosystem.
  • The ability to search collections, with or without particular classifications and properties and navigate through a collection's membership.

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