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0019 More Information

Entities that inherit from Referenceable such as Assets, Governance Definitions and Actors are typically the hub of a lot of related information. The relationships on this page identify resources and information that are relevant to these entities.


ResourceList relationship

The ResourceList relationship links one Referenceable entity to another Referenceable entity that is describing resources that are used by the first entity (or what the first entity represents in the real world).

For example, the ResourceList relationship may link:

  • A governance domain to its associated community.
  • An actor to its collection of favourite assets.

MoreInformation relationship

The MoreInformation relationship links Referenceable entities of different types together to indicate that one provides more detail about another.

It is typically used to link descriptive elements such as a Glossary, GlossaryCategory, GlossaryTerm or a ValidValue to another element that it describes. For example:

  • A glossary (or glossary category) may describe data items that are linked together in a DesignModel or a SchemaType and the MoreInformation relationship can show this association.
  • A glossary term may describe a particular type of team, project or community and a MoreInformation relationship can link it to the Team or Project or Community element as appropriate,
  • A valid value definition for a work location may link to the corresponding Location element via a MoreInformation relationship.

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