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0215 Software Components

Many processes running in an organization's IT landscape are implemented as pluggable software components. Some of these are simple, others are more complex. The types shown on this page describe such components, their internal structure and running instances (if the process is short-lived and each instance has different lineage).


DeployedSoftwareComponent entity

The DeployedSoftwareComponent entity describes a code asset that is deployed to implement a software capability. Each software component has a well defined interface describe by an APISchema entity that is linked to the DeployedSoftwareComponent by the AssetSchemaType relationship. Its optional properties are:

  • deployedImplementationType describes the technology used to implement the component (for example "Apache Spark"). Values for the deployedImplementationType attribute can be managed for consistency in a deployed implementation type valid value set.
  • implementationLanguage describes the language used to implement the component.

DeployedConnector entity

The DeployedConnector entity represents specialist software component called a connector that provides pluggable access to third party technologies. These connectors implement the Open Connector Framework (OCF) interfaces. The DeployedConnector entity is typically linked to a Connection entity via a ConnectionToAsset relationship.

EmbeddedProcess entity

The EmbeddedProcess entity describes a processing element nested within a DeployedSoftwareComponent entity. Because it is transient it is possible to add the processStartTime and processEndTime properties to this entity.


The TransientEmbeddedProcess entity describes an EmbeddedProcess entity that runs only for a short period of time.

ProcessHierarchy relationship

The ProcessHierarchy relationship defines a parent-child relationship between processes, which can be used to define more abstract processes that are comprised of lower-level processes; helping to support navigating the process hierarchy. Typically the top if the process hierarchy inherits from DeployedSoftwareComponent and the nested processes inherit from EmbeddedProcess.

Further information

Related Open Metadata Type Definitions

Use of these open metadata types

  • Egeria Developer Guide for more information on connectors and how to implement them.
  • Lineage describes the different types of lineage and how the open metadata types linktogether to form lineage graphs.

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