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Tanya Tidie - Clinical Record Clerk


Age: 32


Records management, particularly when it comes to data about patients while they are part of a clinical trial.


Records relating to clinical trials for new drugs.


  • Tanya is responsible for the quality and organization of all of the information relating to data collected during clinical trials. She works for Tessa Tube.


  • Tanya is confident in performing her Job as defined today, but is concerned about the increasing workload.
  • She feels threatened by the new types of data being collected as she does not understand it. Tanya is deeply committed to the success of the clinical trials.


  • Tanya has heard that there is to be a new IT system put in place to support the clinical trials. On one hand this is welcome but she is concerned that she will not be able to operate it.


  • Tanya projects an enthusiastic and confident attitude. She is also patient and very methodical.


  • Tanya sees an increasing workload for her as the number of clinical trials increase and the breadth of information collected grows.

Top challenges:

  • Much of the information she manages comes to her as hand written forms that must be transcribed manually along with a scan of the original notes.

Desired Outcome:

  • Tanya wants to be sure that the data collected in the clinical trials is accurate and complete.

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