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0130 Projects

Projects are used to organize a specific activity. They control the use of resources and associated costs, so they are used appropriately in order to successfully achieve the project's goals.



Projects organize resources to build new capability or improve existing capability. Related projects can be organized into campaigns. Small items of work, typically performed by a single person, can be defined as tasks for a project.

Notice that the project acts as an anchor for collections of resources that the project is using. Since it is a Referenceable, it can have links to external URLs, such as the project home page, project plan or APIs as well as images (see 0015 Linked Media Types in Area 0).

The description attribute should be used instead of the scopeDescription in ProjectScope; the scopeDescription attribute has been deprecated.

Deprecated types
  • ProjectScope relationship is deprecated in favour of the more generic AssignmentScope.
  • status attribute on Project is deprecated in favour of the more specific projectStatus attribute, which makes it easier to align with an appropriate valid value set.

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