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Release 3.13 (Planned for November 2022)

These are DRAFT release notes, initially copied from the previous release The notes will be updated until & when 3.13 is released

Open Metadata Types
  • A new attribute called versionIdentifier has been added to the Asset entity type to support assets that are periodically released.
  • A new attribute called languageCode has been added to the TranslationDetail entity type to support ISO-639 language codes.
  • The Actor entity type has been added to model 0110 Actors. This acts as a common super type for ActorProfile, UserIdentifier and PersonRole to create a common root for different representations of actors.
  • A new attribute toDoType has been added to the ToDo entity type.
  • Relationship type ActionAssignment can now link Actors rather than just PersonRoles to a ToDo.
  • The ParquetFile entity type has been added to model 0220 Files and Folders.
  • A new attribute pathName has been added to the FileFolder entity type.
  • New attributes pathName and fileName have been added to the DataFile entity type.
  • The ServiceLevelObjectives entity type has been added to model 0430
  • New attributes entitlements, obligations and restrictions have been added to the License relationship. See model 0481.
  • New types to support terms and conditions are added to model 0483.
  • New types to support agreements are added to model 0484.
  • The DigitalProduct classification is added to model 0710 as part of the data product support.
  • New types to support digital subscriptions are added to model 0711.
  • Relationship type DigitalServiceOperator can now link Teams rather than just Organizations to a DigitalService.