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Release 4.4 (Expected December 2023)

These are DRAFT release notes. The notes will be updated until & when 4.4 is released

Open Metadata Types
  • The Anchors classification is able to store the type of the anchor as well as its GUID.
  • A new classification called RootCollection can be added to a collection entity to indicate that it is the root of collection hierarchy.
  • The Collection entity has a new attribute called collectionType that can be used to identify the concept that the collection represents.
  • A new supertype called Action has been added to the ToDo and EngineAction.
  • The Actions relationship now links an Action to a Referenceable.
  • A new classification called PersonalProject can be added to a project entity to indicate that this is an informal project that have been created by an individual to help them organize their work.
  • A new classification called DataScope can be added to a referenceable entity (typically a DataStore or DataSet) to define the scope of the associated data resource in space and time.
  • Although not yet implemented in the Engine Host, there are types for a new type of governance engine called the EventActionEngine and its corresponding governance service called EventActionService. This new engine is for managing context events, scheduling and associated actions.
  • A new entity called a ContextEvent plus associated elements has been added to provide a means to capture significant events that impact users, data, services, etcetera, to be recorded and used to explain why blips occurred in the past, or plan and take action to mitigate against blips in the future.
  • There is a new schema extraction relationship called DiscoveredLinkedDataField that can be used to describe associations between data fields. The DataField entity has new attributes to align it more closely with SchemaAttribute.
  • There are new lineage relationships called UltimateSource and UltimateDestination can be used to capture the size and edges of an element's lineage graph have been added.

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