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0442 Project Charter

The access to resources for a project may be partially controlled by its type or mission. The project charter adds information to a project that can be used to govern it.



The ProjectCharter entity describes the reasons why a particular project exists. It is often established before the project itself is set up.

  • mission describes in free-form text, the hoped for outcome of the project(s) commissioned under this charter.
  • projectType is a type for the project. These types, such as "clinical-trial", "manufacturing-improvement", "security-assessment", ..., "incident-investigation" are chosen by the organization and can be encoded in a valid metadata set.
  • purposes define a list of formal purposes for the project. These are inspired by the need to identify processing purposes in the EU's General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR). These purposes can also be set up in a valid metadata set.

The ProjectCharterLink relationship connects a ProjectCharter entity to one or more Project entities. It allows the same project charter to be used by multiple related projects. However, a project charter is typically so specific that it is added to only one project.

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