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0425 Subject Areas

Subject areas are topic areas that are important to the organization. Typically, they cover data that is widely shared across the organization and there is business value in maintaining consistency in the data values in each copy.


SubjectAreaDefinition entity

The role of the subject area definition is to act as a collection point for all the subject area materials. This includes:

Creating the subject area definition is a declaration that data about this subject area is of significance to the organization and will be receiving special attention.

The subject area definition can be linked to the governance definitions via the GovernanceBy relationship.

SubjectAreaHierarchy relationship

A subject area may be subdivided into more specific subject areas. The subject areas can be linked together into a hierarchy using SubjectAreaHierarchy relationships.

SubjectArea classification

Elements that are part of the materials for a subject area are classified with the SubjectArea classification. The name attribute in the classification matches the subjectAreaName attribute in the SubjectAreaDefinition.

This classification makes it easy to locate all the subject area's content.

Deprecated types
  • SubjectAreaGovernance - use GovernedBy relationship instead.

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