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Tom Tally - Accounts Manager


Age: 25

Skills: financial management, accountancy.

Scope: Finance department


  • Tom is a recent graduate with ambitions to become a director for the company.
  • Even though he has only been in the company three years, he is already the manager of the accounts department.
  • His open style gave Sally Counter the courage to raise the concern she had over the some of the payments she was processing. Tom works for Reggie.


  • Tom is keen to be seen as a key player in the business by members of the board.
  • The fraud investigation is an opportunity for him to show the value he brings to the company.


  • Urgent enquiries on how the fraud could have happened and why were they targeted.


  • Tom makes the fraud investigation his top priority and pulls in Sally Counter and one of the Sales Specialists, Harry Hopeful to help him build up a complete picture of the fraud from perpetrators to victims.


  • Tom quickly sees that he has taken on a lot of work.
  • He had no idea how hard it is to pull together a view of how the company is working from the IT systems.

Top challenges:

  • The information that Tom needs is spread amongst many different types of system and the teams local spreadsheets. It is not correlated and there seems to be many inconsistencies.

Desired Outcome:

  • Tom want to present the results of a comprehensive investigation to the board in a couple of weeks.