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Markdown is a simple tagging language that generates HTML webpages. We use it for documentation (this page is written in markdown for example), in GitHub comments and in the Jupyter Notebooks that form the teaching material for the Hand-on Labs.

This summary for markdown is very useful

Markdown files in the git repositories have a file type of .md. Each directory in the repository (except Java code packages) should have a file in it explaining the content/purpose of the directory. This is the default page displayed for the directory. For example, click on this link to display the tools directory where this file lives on GitHub.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the contents of the displayed.

These pages are also used to create Egeria's web pages using a technology called GitHub pages. Click on the next link to display the tools directory in the website.

Now you see the same markdown content formatted using the website styling.

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