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Zone Publisher Governance Action Service

Connector summary

An asset's governance zones determines its visibility to callers. Its zone membership is maintained in the Asset Zone Membership classification.

The Zone Publisher Governance Action Service sets the supplied governance zone names into the assets supplied as action targets.

  • If there is at least one asset, their zones are updated, and the output guard is set to zones-assigned.
  • If no Assets are passed as action targets the output guard is no-targets-detected.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Operation of the Zone Publisher governance action service


This connector uses the Governance Action OMES running in the Engine Host.

This is its connection definition to use when creating the definition of the governance action service using the Governance Engine OMAS. Note that publishZones can be specified in either the configuration properties or the request parameters. The value in the request parameters overrides the configuration properties value.

   "connection" : { 
                      "class" : "Connection",
                      "connectorType" : 
                           "class" : "ConnectorType",
                           "connectorProviderClassName" : "org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.connectors.governanceactions.remediation.ZonePublisherGovernanceActionProvider"           
                      "configurationProperties" : 
                           "publishZones" : "zone1,zone2"

Governance Action Settings

When this governance action service is called through an engine action it supports the following options.

Request Types and Parameters

The publishZones request parameter/configuration property provides Zone Publisher with list of zones to add to the action target assets.

Action Targets

The assets that needs their zones updated are linked to the governance action as an action target.

Completion Status and Guards

These are the responses that Zone Publisher produces:

  • CompletionStatus.ACTIONED with guard zones-assigned if the zones are successfully assigned to the assets.
  • CompletionStatus.ACTIONED with guard no-zones-detected if the publishZones property is not set up in either the configuration properties or the request parameters. Any AssetZoneMembership classification is removed from the action target asset(s).
  • CompletionStatus.INVALID with guard no-targets-detected if no assets are passed as action targets.

Examples of use

The Open Metadata Labs: this connector is configured in the governDL01 engine host server as part of the automated curation asset management lab.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.