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Tessa Tube - Lead Researcher


Age: 47

Skills: Cancer specialist working on new drugs to improve the effectiveness of leukemia treatments.

Scope: Cancer research team


  • Tessa has been developing a new drug that is currently in clinical trials with a number of hospitals.
  • The medical staff at each hospital are following a well defined protocol and are supplying new data about the selected patients’ progress as they are tested with the new drug.
  • Tessa divides her time between her lab and the hospitals involved in the trial.
  • She has strong relationships with the medical staff involved in the trial.


  • Tessa is optimistic about this new drug’s effectiveness.
  • However, she knows that this area of medicine is complex and a patient’s response is affected by many factors.


  • Many different aspects of the cancer treatment that are not being recorded.


  • Tessa spends a lot of time discussing the progress of the trial with the patients and medical staff involved in the trial, trying to capture as much information as possible.


  • A willingness on the part of all concerned in the trial to collaborate to get the drug right – but a difficulty in expressing and collecting the right information since new factors are being discovered all of the time.

Top challenges:

  • Collecting information where the understanding of which factors are important to record is evolving.

Desired Outcome:

  • A record of the clinical trial that documents both the data required by the FDA, but also the incidental detail and additional insight that the team discovered during the trial.