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Ivor Padlock - Chief Security Officer


Age: 51

Skills: Security of company premises

Scope: Organization-wide


  • Ivor is responsible for the company’s security. This includes the physical security of the research labs, offices and manufacturing plant along with the security of information.
  • He is not a deep IT expert, but works with the IT Operations team to review and improve their procedures.


  • Ivor believes that cyber-security is one of the most critical issues threatening the business today.
  • He worries at his lack of expertise in this area.
  • He sees the threat from rogue employees as big an issue as attacks from outside.


  • Complacency about the security of information.


  • Ivor has instigated greater monitoring of employees activity, coupled with education sessions on the proper protection of information.


  • Open access to large parts of the company’s data, critical research reports left on desks, sharing of passwords and machines.

Top challenges:

  • To establish a sense of personal responsibility for the protection of data at all levels in the company.
  • To automate as much of the protection of information as possible whilst still enabling flexibility in the use of information.

Desired Outcome:

  • Data/information is properly protected so it is only used for approved purposes.

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