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Latest Release

Release 4.1 (29 May 2023)

Open Metadata Types
  • A new relationship SampleData links an Asset entity describing a collection of sample data that originates from the resource represented by the Referenceable entity.
  • A new sourceVersionNumber attribute has been added to the SourcedFrom relationship type to allow the version of the element that is copied to be recorded.
  • A new classification called TemplateSubstitute has been added to isolate relationships included in templates from normal metadata queries.
  • A new classification called RootCategory has been added to identify GlossaryCategory entities that are the top of a category hierarchy.
  • The GlossaryTermEvolution relationship has been deprecated.
  • New classifications EditingGlossary and StagingGlossary have been added to the 0385 model to support the controlled glossary development process.
  • A new classification called DataFieldValues* allows the characterization of a collection of data values.
  • A new attribute called publishVersionIdentifier has been added to GlossaryTerm to allow authors to control the version of published terms.
New Open Metadata View Services (OMVS)

In this release we have added the following view services to aid organizations writing user interfaces (UIs):

Glossary specific security

The Server Metadata Security Connector has been extended with a new optional interface that allows the connector to control authorization requests to glossaries. See the Metadata Security feature for more details.

Secrets store connectors

The Secrets Store Connector enables a connector to access its secrets (passwords, certificates, ...) from a secure location at runtime.

Other functional fixes and enhancements
  • Fixed CORS support in ui-chassis-spring and code clean-up from previous Spring migration.
  • Added back support for 'LineageMapping' relationship in Open Lineage Services.
  • Simplified Data Engine OMAS lineage creation by removing port aliases.
  • Fixed Asset Catalog OMAS search by name for Process assets.

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