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Reggie Mint - Chief Finance Officer


Age: 61

Skills: executive decision making, strategy, financial management, business change.

Scope: Organization-wide


  • Reggie has been CFO for the company since it started. His skills and knowledge of financial management has grown with the company and he is very comfortable with the role.
  • Specifically, he is responsible for the financial health of the company. This includes managing the cash flow and reporting the financial position of the company to the tax office and other regulators.


  • Feels let down by the IT team because:
    1. The financial data his team uses is very poor quality.
    2. The IT team are not responsive in supplying additional information he needs to complete the fraud investigation.


  • Contempt towards IT from his team because of the poor service they give.


  • Reggie is holding daily meetings with the IT team to understand where they are on fixing data quality issues found by his team and supporting his requests for more information.


  • His team having to use spreadsheets to supplement the data from IT for all but the most routine of decisions and reporting.

Top challenges:

  • There has been a recent incident of counterfeit ingredients entering their supply chain. Further investigation has revealed that their information about suppliers and the accounting procedures around them have weaknesses that need to be addressed if they are to pass the next regulatory audit.

Desired Outcome:

  • Reggie wants to feel confident that the information his team is using is correct.
  • He wants to resolve the fraud investigation and be sure it can not happen again.

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