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Learning about Egeria

Egeria is a big project tackling a complex problem. There is a lot to learn.
The choices below give you the opportunity to target your learning to both your immediate and long term needs.

The Egeria dojos

Our dojos are designed to provide guided learning to help you get up to speed quickly with different topics.

We are currently in the process of rewriting our Dojos. If you are starting in 2022 it is recommended you start with our new Egeria Dojo which now has a complete Day 1 and Day 2

You can still also see the Original Egeria Dojo but it is no longer recommended you work through these, and instead look for future days of the updated dojo.

Hands on Labs

The Hands on Open Metadata Labs provide an interactive environment that allow you to experiment with different capabilities of Egeria. They are organized by role so you can select the roles of interest to you.

Individual tutorials

The individual tutorials focus on a specific tool, or group of related tasks. They allow you to pick the education needed for a specific task.


Egeria's webinars run each month and provide a deep dive into a particular topic. All webinars are recorded and are available on YouTube.