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0056 Resource Managers

A resource manager is a software capability that manages one or more resources. The following classifications augment the description of a software capability ot its hosting infrastructure to describe the resources that it manages. These classifications link to Referencable to allow resource managers to be identified at different levels of groanularity.



The FileSystem is a collection of stored files organized in a folder hierarchy. They are managed by many resource managers as long as they have access privileges.


The FileManager manages a collection of files - it is typically the owner of the files and they are access through its APIs.


The AssetManager classification represents a technology that manages metadata about resources and may also provide services to manage and/or govern the resources themselves (or at least track such actions). Data catalogs and other types of metadata catalogs are examples of asset managers.

Examples of asset managers

Amundsen , Marquez and Apache Atlas are examples of data catalogs, and therefore of asset managers.

An Egeria deployment using a metadata access server and one or more integration daemons is also an asset manager.

The AssetManager classification on a SoftwareCapability entity is used by the Asset Manager OMAS to represent the third party asset manager that it is exchanging metadata with.

Identities from this third party asset manager are linked to the AssetManager entity using the ExternalIdScope relationship.


The UserProfileManager classification describes a system that manages user profile information - such as a company directory.


The UserAccessManager classification describes a user directory such as LDAP.


A MasterDataManager classification describes a server that manages the rationalization of master data stored in many systems.


A ContentCollectionManager classification describes a server that manages a collection of documents or media files.


A NotificationManager classification describes a server that manages the distribution of events to multiple destinations.


A SourceControlLibrary classification describes a server that manages version of files related to software source and its related resources.


A ChangeManagementLibrary classification describes a server that manages descriptions and decisions about potential and actual changes to the IT landscape.


A SoftwareLibrary classification describes a server that manages the distribution of software modules and libraries in the deployment of capability to the IT landscape.

Deprecated types
  • ContentManager - Use ContentCollectionManager

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