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Relationship Re-Home Profile

The performance of programmatically changing the home repository of an existing relationship instance.

The Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS) interface for a metadata repository defines an optional method for changing the home repository of relationship instances:

Method Description
reHomeRelationship changes the home repository of a relationship
ID Description
repository-relationship-re-home-performance-reHomeRelationship See (2) in detailed logic below.

For every relationship type supported by the technology under test, this profile does the following (in order):

  1. Searches for instancesPerType reference copy relationship GUIDs of that type. (This uses findRelationshipsByProperty with a condition on metadataCollectionId and its performance is recorded as part of the relationship search profile.)
  2. For each of these relationship GUIDs, reHomeEntity is called to change the home repository to the technology under test's metadataCollectionId.


So, for example, if the technology under test supports 50 relationship types, and the instancesPerType parameter is set to 100, then this profile will re-home 50 (types) x 100 (instances per type) = 5000 relationships. (And it will run findRelationshipsByProperty 50 times.)

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