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The challenge

Every week we hear of new tools, data platforms and opportunities for organizations to embrace advanced digital technologies such as artificial intelligence. Yet despite investment and the focus of smart people, few organizations succeed in making wide and systematic use of their data.

Today's IT is both at the heart of the problem and can enable the solution. Many teams use tools and data platforms that recognize the value of metadata, but this metadata is managed in a siloed, proprietary way that assumes they are the sole approach to managing this key resource. The result is that knowledge is not shared across teams that use different tool sets.

Egeria is an open source project dedicated to enabling teams to collaborate by making metadata open and automatically exchanged between tools and platforms, no matter which vendor they come from.

Open metadata and governance manifesto

Our guiding beliefs:

  • The maintenance of metadata must be automated to scale to the sheer volumes and variety of data involved in modern business. Similarly, metadata should be used to drive the governance of data and create a business-friendly logical interface to the data landscape.
  • The availability of metadata management must become ubiquitous across all data platforms, regardless of deployment environment, so that the processing engines on these platforms can rely on its availability and build capability around it.
  • Metadata access must become open and remotely accessible so that tools from different vendors can work with metadata located on different platforms. This implies unique identifiers for metadata elements, some level of standardization in the types and formats for metadata and standard interfaces for manipulating metadata.
  • Wherever possible, discovery and maintenance of metadata has to be an integral part of all tools that access, change and move information.

Code talks

Egeria provides an Apache 2.0 licensed platform to support vendors that sign up to the open metadata and governance manifesto.