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Faith Broker - HR Director and Privacy Officer

Age: 40

Skills: Regulation compliance, business controls and auditing. Human Resources.

Scope: Organization-wide


  • Faith's main role is the director for Human Resources. This is a new role for her and she is keen to improve the way employees are managed.

  • Prior to becoming HR director, she was a highly experienced auditor for Coco Pharmaceuticals. She still monitors the regulations and suggests changes to business practices to ensure the company is granted the licenses it needs to stay in business. Periodically she performs internal audits so they are ready for when external auditors turn up.

  • She has recently taken on the role of privacy officer since this dovetails well with her HR role and experience in compliance.


  • Faith believes she is fighting the company culture when it comes to ensuring that people are complying with the business controls that are necessary to meet their obligations to the regulators.

  • Faith is very supportive of Jules’ appointment as CDO since transparent information management will help her in her work to transform HR.


  • Faith’s approach is open, frank discussion of the issues, giving time for the issues to be addressed and then public measurement of the desired behavior.


  • Faith believes she has seen every type of excuse for policy avoidance and deviation.

Top challenges:

  • Meeting regulatory requirements that require formal, repeatable processes in an organization that prizes innovation and open collaboration.

  • Demonstrating the company is operating properly.

  • Breaking down the secret networks of friendships from the company's history since this is hindering the assimilation of new staff and protecting some under-performing individuals. Faith aims to collect and use data to help to manage employees fairly.

Desired Outcome:

  • Faith pushes to automate as much of the compliance requirements into the IT systems so that the researchers are supported in a regulatory compliant way without interfering with their creativity and open collaboration.

  • Faith wants managers to have good information about the work of their teams.

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