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0210 Data Stores

Both DataSets and DataStores are types of Asset that represent a collection of data. The DataStore is a physical store, whereas the DataSet is dynamically constructed on request. This model introduces the DataStore and the relationship that shows how DataSets are constructed from them.


DataStore entity

The DataStore entity describes a physical digital resource that supplies data.

DataContentForDataSet relationship

The DataContentForDataSet relationship defines how data is supplied to a DataSet from a particular digital resources. The DataSet entity includes a property called formula. This describes the logic that is used to populate the data set. The formula can include placeholders. These placeholders are defined by the queryId properties in the linked DataContentForDataSet relationships. The associated query property describes how the data from the linked dataContent resource is selected.

DataStoreEncoding classification

The DataStoreEncoding classification provides the ability to store details of the data stores physical characteristics.

DataFieldValues classification

The DataFieldValues describe the characteristics of a collection fo data values. It is typically attached to an Asset, a GlossaryTerm entity or a SchemaAttribute entity.

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