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0041 Server Purposes

The server purpose classifications allow more detail about the type of middleware software that are embedded in an instance of ITInfrastructure. Typically these classifications are used with SoftwareServerPlatforms and SoftwareServers.


ServerPurpose provides a common base type for the server purposes. The deployedImplementationType identifies the software that supports this purpose - it could be a product or open source project name.

The subtypes of the ServerPurpose classification are:

  • ApplicationServer - hosting application logic.
  • Webserver - hosting endpoint for HTTP requests.
  • DatabaseServer - hosting a database management system (DBMS).
  • IntegrationServer - hosting data movement processes.
  • MetadataServer - manages and stores a collection of metadata.
  • RepositoryProxy - Acts as an adapter for a metadata server, translating requests between different APIs, formats and protocols.
  • StewardshipServer - hosting stewardship processes.
  • GovernanceDaemon - hosting automated governance processing.