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Release process

New releases can be created by Egeria maintainers that have the appropriate access on each GitHub repository.

Releases are published to:

Overall release policy

  • Aim to release the core Egeria approximately every six weeks see schedule.
  • Will only release an update between releases in exceptional circumstances
  • Preserves backwards compatibility as much as possible
  • Try and maintain a regular heartbeat: even if completion of some features continues in a subsequent release
  • main / main kept open for new code features
  • When the core Egeria is released, we have found it useful to create releases of other Egeria repositories (connector and user interface repositories) using the same version numbers as core Egeria.
  • Egeria charts are produced for each release of core Egeria; these charts include compatible user interface and connector content.

Information about publishing

Some additional information is available covering:

  • maven publishing including access to, which is the final gate to making a release available on Maven Central & affects all Java repositories.
  • secrets (users, passwords) defined to support the publishing process

Releases for different repositories

The Egeria project is split across different git repositories, so that each repository can be built independently and can have its own community. Here are the release processes for Egeria repositories:

Git repository Description Update process Egeria core Egeria core Release process Egeria charts Egeria charts Release process Release guide Egeria Update Release Guide process
- TODO Other Egeria Git repositories

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