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Relationship History Retrieval Profile

The performance of programmatically retrieving the history of existing relationship instances based on their ID.

The Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS) interface for a metadata repository defines methods for retrieving the history of relationship instances by their ID:

Method Description
getRelationship retrieves a relationship instance's details at a given point in time, if the relationship was known at that point in time, or throws an exception if not
getRelationshipHistory retrieves the full history of a relationship instance's details
ID Description
repository-relationship-history-retrieval-performance-getRelationship See (2) in detailed logic below.
repository-relationship-history-retrieval-performance-getRelationshipHistory See (3) in detailed logic below.

For every relationship type supported by the technology under test, this profile does the following (in order):

  1. Searches for instancesPerType entity GUIDs of that type. (This uses findRelationships and its performance is recorded as part of the relationship search profile.)
  2. For each of these relationship GUIDs, getRelationship is then called with an asOfTime using the timestamp captured prior to the execution of the Relationship Update profile, to retrieve its historical details from that point in time (prior to any updates).
  3. For each of these relationship GUIDs, getRelationshipHistory is then called to retrieve its full history (including current version and all historical versions of the instance).


So, for example, if the technology under test supports 50 relationship types, and the instancesPerType parameter is set to 100, then this profile will retrieve 50 (types) x 100 (instances per type) x 2 (operations) = 10 000 relationships. (And it will run findRelationships 50 times.)

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