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The Egeria User Interfaces

Most metadata is created and used through the tools and platforms (third party technologies) that are integrated into the open metadata ecosystem. These third party technologies show the metadata that is stored in their own repositories. This could be metadata that has been created within the third party technology or metadata that has been added by the open metadata ecosystem.

Egeria adds the following specialized user interfaces that view metadata across the open metadata ecosystem, irrespective of which technology originated it, or where it is stored.

User Interface Name Description
Egeria Python Widgets Simple text based displays that show either an aspect of Egeria's runtime status, or provide displays of related metadata elements. They are aimed at a technical user who is working directly with Egeria and wishes to verify that something is either set up correctly or operating as expected.
Egeria Explorers A cloud-based graphical interface for exploring Egeria's Open Metadata Type System and its Content Packs.

These user interfaces are experimental and under constant development, and it is worthwhile to keep engaged with the community members that are developing them.

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