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In development

A component that is in development means that the Egeria community is still building the function. The code is added continuously in small pieces to help the review and socialization process. It may not run, or do something useful - it only promises not to break other function. Expect to find git issues describing the end state.

Governance Engine Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS)

The Governance Engine OMAS supports the implementation of a governance program by providing the metadata services for running governance engines.

A governance engine is a collection of related governance services that provide pluggable governance functions. The governance services are implemented as specialist connectors that are defined by:

The governance services run in the Engine Host OMAG Server supported by the Open Metadata Engine Services (OMES).

The Governance Engine OMAS has the following capabilities:

  • Creating the definitions for governance engines and their governance services.
  • Providing the APIs and events that enable the Engine Host OMAG Server to retrieve the definitions of the governance engines and services and be notified of any changes to them.
  • Creating the definitions for governance action processes that control the sequencing of governance actions.
  • Providing APIs to create governance actions explicitly and incident reports.
  • Initiation and choreography of governance actions based on the template provided by a governance actions process.
  • Notification of new governance actions to the Engine Host OMAG Servers that then invoke the appropriate governance services to action them.
  • Supporting the metadata requirements for many of the engine services.
  • Linking the governance actions, governance action processes and governance services to the governance definitions supported by the Governance Program OMAS.
  • Providing APIs to query the status of the governance capabilities implemented through the governance engines.


Governance Engine OMAS has a User Guide that covers the Governance Engine OMAS's APIs and events.

The documentation for writing governance services is located in the developer guide:

  • Open Discovery Services for metadata discovery.
  • Governance Action Services for the Governance Action Services: Watchdog Governance Services, Triage Governance Services, Verification Governance Services, Remediation Governance Services and Provisioning Governance Services.