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Deployed Implementation Type

A deployed implementation type is a type of reference data that describes a class of technology that is deployed in an organization's IT landscape. Its purpose is to describe how technology of this class should be governed and the resources available to do so. For example:

  • An instance of this technology is likely to be catalogued in the open metadata ecosystem using an asset. The deployed implementation type can define the subtype of the asset to use. It is also possible to define a template for creating the asset and associate it with the deployed implementation type.
  • The governance action processes, governance services and connectors that support this type of technology can be identified.
  • The deployedImplementationType attribute found in many open metadata types can be set from the matching deployed implementation type reference value. Having consistent values for the deployedImplementationType attribute makes it possible to retrieve lists of all catalogued technology of a particular class. The following type definitions include the deployedImplementationType:

Examples of Deployed Implementation Types

Deployed Implementation Type AssociatedTypeName Description
Data File DataFile A file containing externally accessible data - other fields provide information on the internal format.
Program File DataFile A file containing program logic.
Log File DataFile A file containing log records.
Data Folder DataFolder A directory (folder) that holds files representing a single data source.
Archive File DataFile A file containing an organized collection of files.
PostgreSQL Server SoftwareServer A database server running the PostgreSQL software.
PostgreSQL Relational Database RelationalDatabase A database hosted on a PostgreSQL server.
Apache Atlas SoftwareServer A data catalog for the Hadoop ecosystem.
Apache Kafka SoftwareServer An event broker supporting high speed, reliable topic based event exchange.
File System DataManager A system that manages hierarchically organized files on persistent storage.
OMAG Server Platform SoftwareServerPlatform An Open Metadata and Governance (OMAG) platform for running one to many OMAG Servers.
OMAG Server Runtime SoftwareServerPlatform An Open Metadata and Governance (OMAG) platform for running a single OMAG Server.

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