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Egeria Ecosystem (React) UI Planning

UI capability types

There are 2 types of UI capabilities in the Presentation Server.

  • Ecosystem Tool These are low level user exploration oriented user interfaces around resources, types and the operational landscape.
  • Solution These are solution orientated user interfaces for particular personas.

Maybe this UI is for demonstrations, in which case you may want to configure all its capabilities. You may want to have a solutions orientated UI or an ecosystem tools oriented UI- as the users of each can be different in an organization.

UI capabilities

Here is a table showing for a UI capability, which view service it calls and which partner service the view service calls. This information is important, so you can ensure that the appropriate view services and target services are configured to allow the UI capability to work.

UI Capability UI Capability type View Service Partner service Description
Type Explorer (Tex) Ecosystem Tool tex OMRS Exploration of the Egeria Type system loaded on server(s)
Repository Explorer (Rex) Ecosystem Tool rex OMRS Exploration of OMRS entities and relationships present on server(s)
Dynamic Infrastructure and Operations (Dino) Ecosystem Tool dino OMRS Exploration of the operation landscape
Glossary Author Solution Glossary Author Subject Area OMAS Glossary author tasks, including Glossary Terms, Categories and their relationships
Server Author Solution Server Author Admin server and platform services Server author tasks including authoring new server configurations

Planning your user interface means that you are choosing which UI capabilities to expose in the UI, which indicates which view services need to be configured and which partner services.

Architectural picture

Below is a picture of how the browser communicates with the presentation server (which is a node application). The presentation server handlers the login using passportjs technology and the resources (html and images etc) as well as forwarding on the rest calls from the browser to the view service.

Figure 1 - UI components

The presentation server configuration is very simple; it uses environment variables to know where to issue its rest calls to. More detailed information is configured in the view servers, using the standard OMAG server configuration.

Planning checklist

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