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2.11 (July 2021)

Special note on Java support

This is expected to be the last release supporting Java 8. The next release will commence the 3.x series of releases and will require Java 11.

Known issue: use chromium-based browser for UIs

It is recommended to use a chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari for the Egeria React UI. Some parts of the UI experience such as Dino currently experience problems with Firefox. See odpi/egeria-react-ui#96 .

Functional changes
Multiple topics for a cohort

An open metadata repository cohort uses three types of events to enable peer-to-peer sharing of metadata. In previous releases, these events have all been exchanged through a single event topic. Release 2.11 provides the option for a cohort to use a dedicated topic for each type of event. This improves the time to register a new member in the cohort and allows multiple instances of a metadata access server to access the cohort.

Details of these new options can be found in the administration guide.

Data Manager OMAS extension to support capture of event metadata

The Data Manager OMAS has been extended to support the capture of metadata from Event Brokers such as Apache Kafka and API Managers such as an API Gateway.

There are two new associated Open Metadata Integration Services (OMISs) to support integration connectors that extract metadata from these types of data managers:

For more information on the use of the Data Manager OMAS with these integration services, see the Data Manager Integration solution.

Information View OMAS, Virtualization Services, Security Officer Services, Gaian connector

The following capabilities have now been removed (they were previously deprecated and/or in not in 'Released' status):

  • Information View OMAS
  • Virtualization Services and associated connectors
  • Security Officer Services, Security sync services and associated connectors including for Apache Ranger
  • Gaian database connector and additional authentication/impersonation support

Much of the above capability can be implemented via Integration Services . Hadoop specifics may be developed in the future within the Egeria Hadoop GitHub repository.

For more details of this change see #5314.

Data Platform Services, Data Platform OMAS, and Cassandra connectors

Similarly, the following services have been deleted:

  • Data Platform Services and Data Platform OMAS. For more details see #5344 .
  • Data Platform capabilities are already available in Database Integrator and Files Integrator already part of Integration Services.
  • Cassandra connectors: cassandra-data-store-connector and cassandra-metadata-extractor-connector will be introduced back in the Data Connectors GitHub repository. For more information see #2671 .
Type changes: added, modified, deprecated
APIManager, EventBroker

New types for APIManager and EventBroker. These types inherit from SoftwareServerCapability. These are used in the new Data Manager OMAS APIs.

See new type descriptions in model 0050.


And a relationship to connect a GovernanceDefinition with a metadata element that defines the scope where it is applicable.

See new type descriptions in models 0401 and 0405.


A new subtype for TabularColumn called TabularFileColumn is added to be able to distinguish between tabular columns from files and RelationalColumn (which also inherits from TabularColumn).

See type descriptions in model 0530.


New type called EventTypeList to allow a list of event types to be associated with a topic and a specific subtype of SchemaAttribute for an attribute in an event type to make it easier to search for data fields that are exclusively found in events.

See new type descriptions in model 0535.

APIParameter, APIOperation

New types for APIParameter to allow the capture of properties related to the API's treatment of the parameters. There are also properties for APIOperation.

See new type descriptions in model 0536.

Types for display of data to end users

New types for DisplayDataSchemaType, DisplayDataContainer, DisplayDataField, QuerySchemaType, QueryDataContainer and QueryDataField to allow the capture of properties related to the display of data to end users.

See new type descriptions in model 0537.


Updated supertype of RelationalTableType to inherit from ComplexSchemaType rather than TabularColumnType since TabularColumnType is now deprecated.

See type descriptions in model 0534.

Asset properties

A number of properties that where originally defined in Asset were moved to classifications to allow them to be managed independently of the original asset. This occurred before the TypeDefPatch support was in place and so these properties were not marked as deprecated at that time. In 2.11, this deprecation has now been officially recorded in the Asset TypeDef. The properties are:

  • owner - now captured in the Ownership classification
  • ownerType - also captured in the Ownership classification
  • zoneMembership - now captured in the AssetZoneMembership classification
  • latestChange - now captures]d in the LatestChange classification

See new type description in model 0010.


Deprecated type called TabularColumnType because it restricts tabular columns to primitive types when it could be a literal for example.

See type descriptions in model 0530.

SimpleDocumentType, StructDocumentType, MapDocumentType

Deprecated types called SimpleDocumentType, StructDocumentType and MapDocumentType because they offer little value since the type is typically stored in the TypeEmbeddedAttribute classification. This change makes the document schemas consistent with other types of schema.

See type descriptions in model 0531.


Deprecated TermISATypeOFRelationship because the ends are defined the wrong way round. When visualizing end1 should point to end2. This relationship incorrectly has the super type pointing to the subtype. Use the new IsATypeOfRelationship instead to represent an is-a-type-of relationship between two spine objects.

See new type descriptions in model 0380.

Bug fixes and other updates

For details, see the commit history in GitHub .

Implementation status

Egeria implementation status](/release-notes/roadmap/)