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Release 1.8 (June 2020)

Below are the highlights of Release 1.8:

  • New tutorial information has been added in the form of the Egeria Dojo
  • Usability & Capability improvements to Repository Explorer
  • Samples & utilities are now also packaged into jars with dependencies to make them easier to use (java -jar)
  • Connections to kafka will now retry to improve availability. See 'Bring up Issues' in the connector documentation\

  • New dependencies has been included:

    • Spring Boot Actuator - Provides features to help you monitor and manage your application when you push it to production
    • micrometer-registry-prometheus - Exposes metrics in a format that can be scraped by a Prometheus server
  • Many dependencies have been updated. The most relevant include:

    • Spring has been updated to 5.2.6
    • Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Security, Spring Data have been updated to 2.3.0

Egeria Implementation Status at Release 1.8

Egeria Implementation Status

Link to Egeria's Roadmap for more details about the Open Metadata and Governance vision, strategy and content.

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