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Release 1.3 (January 2020)

Release 1.3 focuses on the support for open metadata archives, and formal versioning of open metadata types. It includes much of the groundwork for supporting design lineage and the detection and management of duplicate assets but that function is officially released in 1.4.

Below are the highlights of the 1.3 release:

  • The hands-on labs have been updated to provide reusable Python functions for working with Egeria.

  • The management of open metadata types includes formal versioning and patching of types. This makes it clearer where additions and updates are being made to the open metadata types. See open metadata types archive.

  • There are the following changes to the open metadata types:

  • The EmbeddedConnection has a new property called position.
  • The OpenDiscoveryAnalysisReport has a new property called discoveryRequestStep.
  • There is a new collection of Annotations for recording suspected duplicates and divergent values in acknowledged duplicates. This is to support the asset deduplication work scheduled for the next release.

  • There are new open metadata archive utilities for creating your own open metadata archives. See the open connector archives and design model archives.

  • The Conformance Suite Repository Workbench is now at Version 1.1, with the following enhancements:

  • Tests for relationship searches have moved into a separate, optional RELATIONSHIP_SEARCH profile. A repository connector can be fully conformant with the (mandatory) METADATA_SHARING profile despite not supporting the findRelationshipsByProperty or findRelationshipsByPropertyValue methods.

  • The ADVANCED_SEARCH profile is now divided into two profiles: ENTITY_ADVANCED _SEARCH and RELATIONSHIP_ADVANCED_SEARCH. They are both optional profiles. A repository connector can be fully conformant with the ENTITY_ADVANCED _SEARCH profile, despite not supporting either of the RELATIONSHIP_SEARCH or RELATIONSHIP_ADVANCED_SEARCH profiles.

  • New test verify the correct handling of mappingProperties in the InstanceAuditHeader.

  • The tests for 're-home' of a reference copy now use an instance mastered by a third (virtual) repository rather than the CTS Server's repository.

  • Type verification of relationship end types now cater for connectors that do not support all the supertypes of an entity type.

  • Search result checking is improved.

  • The CTS notebook (under open-metadata-resources/open-metadata-labs) has been enhanced:

    • The Conformance Profile Results cell there is additional reporting for the new profiles

    • A new cell "Polling for Status" shows how to determine whether the repository-workbench has completed its synchronous tests. The new API it demonstrates could be used to support automated testing

    • A new cell "Monitoring Progress" show how progress can be monitored based on workbench results retrieved during a test run.

    • Improvements to HTTP response checking and reporting of errors

Egeria Implementation Status at Release 1.3

Egeria Implementation Status

Link to Egeria's Roadmap for more details about the Open Metadata and Governance vision, strategy and content.

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