Open metadata and governance for enterprises - automatically capturing, managing and exchanging metadata between tools and platforms, no matter the vendor.

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Egeria defines the open metadata standard schema for over 800 types of metadata needed by enterprises to manage their digital resources. It implements open APIs, frameworks, connectors and interchange protocols for these standard types to allow tools and metadata repositories to share and exchange metadata using these open standards.


It is expensive (and error-prone) to expect individuals to maintain a metadata catalog by hand. Egeria automates metadata capture, search and management through its specialist servers that extract, store and synchronize metadata with different technologies.


Egeria's open connectivity enables a peer-to-peer metadata highway offering open metadata exchange, linking and federation between heterogeneous metadata repositories. Partners and colleagues who use different tools can now collaborate and share knowledge.


While providing numerous types and connectors directly through the project, the frameworks involved are all designed to be pluggable and easily extensible to support your own types, variations and systems to which you want to connect.