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Green - Beginner sessions

Participating in the Egeria Community

In this session, you will learn about the resources to help you participate effectively in the Egeria community.

Participating in the Community Content

Watch the video of this session:

Mind set

Egeria is an open source project. This means its most important asset is the community that it draws together to collaborate. It is only through this community that new ideas and content are contributed, and the results deployed into organization to help them operate more effectively.

This community is stronger if it consists of individuals from different organizations and backgrounds. This means we need a respectful and inclusive culture to allow a diverse range of people to participate.

This culture is reflected in the Code of Conduct that every participant must adhere to.

Within the community, contributors are focused on making the contributions that are meaningful to them, or their employer. Beyond conforming to the rules of the community, they are not required to make changes requested by people and organizations outside of the community.

Contributions are incorporated into the project at the discretion of the maintainers. For large changes, typically the maintainers look for consensus within the community before incorporating it.

This means the only way to influence the progress of the project is to join the community, build a reputation as a valuable member of the community and then either influence other contributors, or make the contribution yourself.

Getting connected

The processes used by the community are documented in the Community Guide. This includes information about how to join the community and participate.

Raising your status in the community

The Egeria community has three special roles that you can work towards:

  • Egeria Contributor - someone who has made multiple quality contributions to the community.
  • Egeria Maintainer - an experienced Egeria contributor who is willing to help in the management of the community and the project contents.
  • Egeria Project Leader - individual who is elected by the maintainers to lead the Egeria project.

These roles are described in the Operations Guide.

Egeria badges

To recognise individuals who are either contributors or maintainers on the Egeria project, we are able to award Acclaim badges.

Test yourself

Using the material from the code of conduct and community guide answer the following questions.

  • What time is the weekly community call in your local timezone?
  • What are the principle communication mechanisms used by the Egeria community?
  • Who nominates an individual to be officially recognized as an Egeria Contributor?
  • To which foundation does the ODPi belong?
  • Give two examples of unacceptable behavior when participating in the community.

End of Day 1

Congratulations you have completed all of the sessions in Day 1 of the Egeria Dojo.

Day 2 covers the information that you need to become and Egeria Contributor.

Day 3 covers additional information for advocates and those wishing to become Egeria Maintainers.

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