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Egeria Introduction

In this section, you will learn about the function and value of Egeria along with the key concepts and use cases it supports.

About Egeria

Beginner Material

If you have already watched the Egeria introduction presentations you may find you can skip this section

Read through the following presentation to understand more about Egeria:

Presentation ...


Test yourself
  • Which of the following are part of the Open Metadata Manifesto?

    1. Metadata needs to be centralized so it can be managed.
    2. Maintenance of metadata must be automated.
    3. The availability of metadata management must become ubiquitous.
    4. Metadata access must become open and remotely accessible.
  • Name 3 tools that could connect to Egeria.

  • Name a metadata standard.

Project Resources

Source Code & Issue Tracking

Egeria is an open-source project available under the Apache-2.0 license. This is a permissive license that gives a lot of flexibility of what you can do with the software.

As with many open-source projects, Egeria is hosted on GitHub , and divided into a number of repositories.

Take a look at the main Egeria repository . This is where the core code is stored, and where we track any Issues in core Egeria.

We will revisit some of these other repositories & explain what they are used for in more detail another day.


We are using the Egeria docs website at to host these Dojo sessions. You are currently in the Education section. This is also where you will find other documentation for Egeria.

Use the Previous / Next arrows at the bottom of each page to move to the adjacent topics within the Dojo.

You can also refer to the heading summary towards the top right to navigate through the sections of each individual page.

As you follow through the instructions, in some place a link will be provided for more info with a symbol like in the first sentence of this paragraph. This will open up a new background tab for each site so that you place in the dojo is unaffected.

If you're looking for further background, open up other topics in a new tab, and use the Search box towards the top of this page as needed.

As you work through this Dojo you may find problems with our documentation - perhaps something is wrong, or unclear. Our Documentation is managed in egeria-docs and you can raise Issues there.


Another useful resource to help you as you work through these Dojo sessions - whether it is problems, questions, or about topics unrelated to the Dojo, you can join our LF AI & Data Slack workspace. Once you've done so, look at the channels beginning #egeria-.

#egeria-dojo has been set up to support this learning activity.

If you're happy to use Slack, go there now and get connected to your tutors and fellow attendees to say hello and discuss any problems.

Meetings & calendars

The Egeria team run regular weekly meetings which you can find a link to in our Community Guide . We hope you'll be interested to join in the direct discussion there are you learn more about Egeria, and inevitable have questions about how it's best used, or new ideas to propose!

Next Step

Let's move on to an setting up the environment

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