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Egeria Contributor Day

Egeria Contributor Day

Egeria Contributor Day is all about making changes to the Egeria project. This may be to add code, documentation or samples. You will have an opportunity to add a new file to the Egeria project and take it all the way through the process to update Egeria's git repository. It also prepares you to become an Egeria professional - either as an advocate of the technology or a maintainer. It goes much deeper into the philosophy, design and processes of the project.

Open source philosophy (30 mins)

Tools for contributors (90 mins)

Making a contribution, step-by-step (90 mins)

Types of contribution (60 mins)

Becoming a contributor (30 mins)

Becoming an advocate (90 mins)

Becoming a maintainer (90 mins)

Egeria architecture and philosophy (the "deep stuff") (90 mins)

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