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Technical preview

Technical preview function is in a state that it can be tried. The development is complete, there is documentation and there are samples, tutorials and hands-on labs as appropriate.

The community is looking for feedback on the function before declaring it stable. This feedback may result in changes to the external interfaces.

Apache Atlas REST Connector

Connector summary

Apache Atlas is a metadata catalog originally designed for the Hadoop ecosystem. It offers integration services called Hooks and Bridges to capture the schemas and data sets of data platforms such as Apache Hive, Apache HBase and Apache Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) along with the processes for creating and maintaining data sets on these platforms. The metadata descriptions of these data sets and processes are linked together using lineage relationships, allowing an understanding of how data is flowing through a Hadoop deployment. Apache Atlas also supports glossaries and a tagging system that can be used both in searches and to control access to data through Apache Ranger (using the TagSync integration).

In recent years, Apache Atlas has been embedded in popular data catalogs such as Microsoft Purview and Atlan increasing the interest in being able to integrate with this metadata catalog.

Th Apache Atlas REST connector is a digital resource connector that provides a Java interface to Apache Atlas's REST API plus offering useful additional services to help an application to integrate with Apache Atlas.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Operation of the Apache Atlas REST Connector

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