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Green - Beginner sessions

Egeria Project Introduction

In this session, you will learn about the contents of the Egeria project. It will also describe the software to download in preparation for the next session.

Project Introduction Content

Project Resources

Watch the project overview video:

GitHub repositories

GitHub is a public service for managing files - particularly files associated with a software project. Many open source projects use GitHub and egeria is no exception.

All of the content for the Egeria project is stored in git repositories. For example, these web pages you are reading as part of the dojo are managed in Egeria's main git repository here.

Each directory in the repository has a file written in the Markdown standard. You can either click through on GitHub or link to the Content Organization that lists the directories with descriptions.

Other resources

The Egeria community love to collaborate on the work they do. Git and GitHub is an excellent way to exchange and manage files. In addition, the community runs public calls that anyone can join, as well as a number of slack channels.

Details of the different ways the community operates is described in our Community Guide. Click on the link to the community guide to find out more.

Test yourself

  • Name three of the git repositories owned by the Egeria Project and describe what they do.

  • Describe why the Egeria project is called "egeria".

  • Log on to the LF AI and Data slack service and post a message to the #egeria-dojo-live channel to say that you have got this far in the dojo.

Downloads for next session

It is time for a break now. However, if you want to save time, the next session makes use of Docker containers to run Egeria and Postman to issue REST API calls. The links below provide information on how to download these tools during the break.

These download instructions will be presented again in the appropriate session so it is not a problem if you do not download them now.

Now it is time to take a break before moving on to the next session.

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