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Blue - Intermediate sessions

Working with prepared content

In this session, you will learn about open metadata archives and how they can be used to load prepared content such as glossaries or standard models into a metadata server.

Archives Content

First read about Open Metadata Archives.

Egeria has a number of pre-built content packs in the content-packs directory on GitHub - Click to link to it

Using Postman, try to create a new request that loads this archive.

The format of the REST API is:

POST {{baseURL}}/open-metadata/admin-services/users/{{user}}/servers/{{server}}/instance/open-metadata-archives/file
Where the filename is a TEXT request body. This is the file name you need to specify`
When you execute the request, look at the logs in Docker Desktop to see any errors or to watch the archive load.

The Open Metadata Labs has a specific lab for working with this archive and through that you will get a chance to query its content.

Test yourself

  • What is the message identifier of the Audit Log message produced when an element is loaded from an archive?

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