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Open Metadata Type Explorer

Egeria's Open Metadata Types define an open format that can be used to represent any type of metadata. Egeria defines a comprehensive starter set that can then be extended by organizations and vendors for their own use. The formal definition for the open metadata types supplied by Egeria documented in the Universal Modelling Language (UML). For example, the definitions of an asset is found on the 0010 Base Model page.

The UML diagrams have the disadvantage in that it is hard to see how the types "fit together". The Open Metadata Type Explorer provides an interactive graph-based visualization of the open metadata types, linked together into a single schema. The image below shows a screenshot of the Referenceable type.

Referenceable Open Metadata Type

The nodes linked below it are:

  • The attribute types for Referenceable. They begin with a lower case letter.
  • The entity types that inherit from Referenceable. They begin with an upper case letter.

The types linked to the left-hand side are relationships that link a Referenceable to a another element.

The types linked above are either the type's super type or classifications that attach to this type.

Referenceable has a lot of connections. The next screenshot is after clicking on Actor (see model 0110 Actors).

Actor Open Metadata Type

Actor has three sub-types: ActorProfile, PersonRole and UserIdentity. When you click on UserIdentity, you see it has a relationship called ProfileIdentity, two additional attributes called distinguishedName and userId along with a classification called SecurityGroupMembership.

User Identity Open Metadata Type

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