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Coco Pharmaceuticals' Persona

The personas from Coco Pharmaceuticals are fictitious, although they are blended from the experiences of real people working with data today.

Finance and sales teams

This group of personas are investigating a potential incidence of fraud.

Corporate governance

This group of personas are the executives whose full time job is the governance and protection of the company. They oversee the programs that set policies and monitor measure and feed back on compliance to the policies.

IT operations team

These personas are responsible for the planning and operation of the IT systems used by the company. They are not all of the people involved, but they each have a potential impact on the way the company’s data is managed.

IT project team

This is the IT Project Team enhancing the IT Systems to create a supplier/customer hub, to provide end to end monitoring of the manufacturing process, and to provide support for a data lake for the clinical research teams.

Bob Nitter supports the multitude of application systems that the company runs. Lemmie Stage does the integration backbone implementation that supports the information supply chains that shift data between the applications. Bob and Lemmie work for Polly. Polly has engaged external consultants Nancy Noah and Des Signa to help with their development of the new personalized medicine capabilities.


Coco Pharmaceuticals has its own manufacturing plant. Stew Faster is the manager of the plant.

Clinical trials team

These personas are involved in the clinical trial for a new cancer drug developed by the company. They are collaborating on their findings as selected patients are given the new drug. This is the first use of the company’s data lake.

Cancer Patients

These personas represent external data subjects for Coco Pharmaceuticals.

External consultants

Additional subject matter experts supporting specific projects for Coco Pharmaceuticals. They are providing specialist skills to help in the transformation of Coco Pharmaceuticals' business.

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