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Learning about Egeria

Ready to run Egeria?

There are a number of options available to you:

Running Egeria natively on your local machine

The Getting Started with Egeria blog provides a step-by-step guide to building, installing, configuring and running Egeria on your machine.

Running Egeria in IntelliJ

See Setting up IntelliJ to develop components for Egeria.

Running Egeria in Kubernetes

  • There is a base helm chart that includes a single platform with a metadata server. This provides a simple way to experiment with Egeria's APIs and User Interfaces. Link to instructions for starting the base helm chart.

  • There is a lab helm chart that provides a more complex multi-platform environment that is integrated with a variety of third party technologies. This chart is designed to support the Open Metadata Labs which provide a rich set of demonstrations of many features of Egeria. The Open Metadata Labs are a good option if you would like a guided tour of Egeria. Link to instructions for starting the lab helm chart.

Egeria is a big project tackling a complex problem. There is a lot to learn. The choices below give you the opportunity to target your learning to both your immediate and long term needs.

Hands on Labs

The Hands on Open Metadata Labs provide an interactive environment that allows you to experiment with different capabilities of Egeria. They are organized by role so you can select the roles of interest to you.

Individual tutorials

The individual tutorials focus on a specific tool, or group of related tasks. They allow you to pick the education needed for a specific task.

Technology comparisons

Sometimes it is useful to learn about a new technology by understanding how it compares to one you are familiar with. The technology comparisons can be used to map Egeria's functions to the functions of another technology that you might be familiar with.


Egeria's webinars run each month and provide a deep dive into a particular topic. All webinars are recorded and are available on YouTube.

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