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Open Metadata and Governance (OMAG) Subsystems

A subsystem is a collection of components within a software server platform that supports one or more related services. Subsystems can be organized in a hierarchy where course-grained subsystems can be decomposed into more fine-grained subsystems.

The OMAG Server Platform is a collection of subsystems that support open metadata and governance services as well as its own operational needs. It is designed to provide a runtime where nothing is running when it starts. Services are activated dynamically through the Administration services.

Fixed services

Fixed services that are always present in the platform:

Registered services

The registered services provide specialist APIs for particular technologies and user roles. Each of these services runs in their own subsystem independent of the other registered services. The implementation may come from Egeria or a third party. The links below are to the registered services provided by Egeria.

Activating the OMAG subsystems

The OMAG Server is a dynamic software server whose subsystems can be activated (or not) through the presence (or absence) of the subsystem's configuration properties in the OMAG Server's configuration document.

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