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This component is complete and can be used. The interfaces will be supported until the function is removed from the project via the deprecation process. There will be ongoing extensions to this function, but it will be done to ensure backward compatibility as far as possible. If there is a need to break backward compatibility, this will be discussed and reviewed in the community, with a documented timeline.

GAF Metadata Management

GAF metadata management provides the context services defined by the Governance Action Framework (GAF) along with services that support the Open Metadata Access Services (OMASs):

  • Open Metadata Store is a generic metadata interface. It enables the searching for and retrieval of open metadata type definitions, plus the searching for, update and retrieval of all types of open metadata elements: entities, relationships and classifications.
  • Open Governance Service supports the setting up of governance actions such as governance action processes and governance action types, and the initiation of engine actions either directly or via a governance action process or governance action type.

It provides base clients for each of these services that are specialized by each OMAS to limit metadata access to its supported zones.

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